We usually have a festival of renewal and rebirth when we return to school after the Easter holidays, hunting for hidden eggs in our woodland, celebrating new life with special crafts, songs and stories. But this year was different. This strange experience of social distancing meant that we were not able to come back together after the holidays, the Easter Hare was unable to visit our woods, so instead we encouraged our families to do something different.  

This year, for our Easter festival, we asked everyone to go out into their gardens or local open space and create a piece of Land Art. Using only materials such as leaves, flowers, twigs and stones, our families created beautiful sculptures which echo the beauty of the Earth and the love that went into making them. Here are some images captured on that day: 


Land Art 2 Land Art 3    

    Land Art 4

Land Art 6  Land Art 8

Land Art 7     

 Land Art 5

Land Art 9   Land Art 10   

Land Art 11   

Land Art 12  Land Art 13 

 Land Art 14   Land Art 17

Land Art 15 Land Art 16   

 Land Art 18   

Land Art 19   Land Art 20   

Land Art 21 Land Art 1a

Land Art 22   

Land Art 23   Land Art 24   

Land Art 30  Land Art 26

Land Art 25      

Land Art 27   Land Art 28 

 Land Art 29

Class 6/7 have had a wonderful week in Salzburg; seeing the sights, visiting museums and Christmas markets, and spending time with our friends at the Waldorf school in the mountains. They have been ice skating, down a salt mine, played in the snow, and enjoyed two classical concerts. 

During their travels they have seen St Nicholas many times, accompanied by his Angels and the Krampus! While we welcome St Nicholas at Alder Bridge every year on the night of 5th December, we never catch a glimpse of him or his companions so this has been a rare treat for Class 6/7!

Salzburg 6

Salzburg 3

Salzburg 1

Salzburg 2

Salzburg 4


We began the journey towards Christmas with our Advent Spiral this weekend. Each child carried their candle from the source and then placed it gently on the earth; each little flame bringing more light and more love into the world.


Winter is dark, yet each tiny spark

Brightens the way to Christmas Day. 


Shine little light, and show us the way

To the bright light of Christmas Day. 


Advent Spiral

As we gather in the harvest from our vegetable garden, we feel the chill of the darker months getting closer. In Steiner-Waldorf schools we mark this moment with Michaelmas, a festival of strength and courage. We perform feats of courage in our woodland and turn our thoughts to overcoming our own inner dragons, finding the strength to tame them. The children make a meal from vegetables, fruit and grains, harvested and foraged from our gardens and woodland, and everyone shares in the feast. 

Michaelmas Logs

Michaelmas Height Michaelmas Bridge

Michaelmas Friends Michaelmas picnic

Michaelmas 23  Michaelmas 1

      Michaelmas Scales Michaelmas Meal

Waldorf 100 Poster Competition

In 2019 the Steiner-Waldorf movement will be 100 year old! 

Students at UK Steiner schools are invited to produce a poster design incorporating the pre-existing Waldorf 100 logo, to promote UK based Steiner-Waldorf events that will take place around the country. The winner's design will be used in the Waldorf 100 UK celebratory packs, which will also include materials to help support events that schools will be running.

Competition brief:
· Poster design must be A3/A4 in size
· Poster design must leave space for the name/date etc. of school festival event(s)
· Poster design must reflect elements of Steiner education.

The winner will get the chance to see how an award-winning, professional design team turned their concept into a reality and incorporated their design elements into wider promotional material.

Closing Date Friday 5 October 2018

If you have any queries or would like an application form please contact SAM GRESHOFF, SWSF This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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