The Geography curriculum in Steiner-Waldorf schools begins close to home, seeing familiar places from a different viewpoint. We take walks around the local area, across the fields and along the canal, making maps based on our experiences. Later, our view expands across the UK, into Europe and eventually setting off across the rest of the world.

Class 5/6 have been exploring Europe in their Geography main lesson this term. With 21 nationalities currently represented in the school community the children have heard about life in a number of countries, with each child choosing a country to study in more depth for a personal project. While they worked on their projects and presentations, a 'feast' day was held, with every child bringing in a traditional dish from the country of their studies - there was rugbraud from Iceland, krakuski from Poland, huevos moles from the Canary Islands, Spanish omelette, Italian pizza, Norwegian buttercream biscuits, Danish herring, liquorice and cheese from the Netherlands, Greek salad, Russian borscht and blinis, Swedish chocolate bullar, Romanian sweet salami, and Czech trdelnik. It was a very enjoyable way to get the flavour of Europe!


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