...my lantern is going with me...

Lanterns 1024x1024Last night Kindergarten and Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 celebrated Martinmas with warm soup and bread, followed by stories which told of nurturing the inner light, of generosity and kindness. Nourished in so many ways we then set off on a walk into the dark evening, each child carrying the lantern they had made in preparation. This festival calls on us to remember the light within our own lives that we can share to light the way for others. Our glowing lights warmed the November evening and all was peaceful. 

Class 5,6,7 and 8 travelled to Newbury to share Martinmas songs with residents of a local care home. They sang, played their recorders and spent time chatting with the people they met - the eldest of whom was 103 - an experience which kindled the light within children and adults alike. 

On a cold winter night Martin of Tours rode into the walled city of Ameins in northern France, and passed by a beggar huddling in the cold. Martin, having nothing else to give the man, took off his own scarlet cloak, cut it in two with his sword and gave half to the beggar. Martin later became St Martin, the patron saint of beggers and outcasts. His festival is celebrated widely throughout Europe, but is little known in the UK beyond Steiner-Waldorf schools.  


I go with my little lantern,

My lantern is going with me.

In heaven the stars are shining,

On earth shines my lantern with me.

The cock doth crow, the cats meow,

Lantern shine,


The lights grow dim, we must go in,

Lantern shine,