KG Veg Garden

Life in the Kindergarten can be rather like living and working in a large family.

Each day has a rhythmical structure, and there is a balance between quiet times and busy times, child-led activity and adult-led activity, and a range of activities related to domestic, creative and social ‘work’.

Each day has its own particular activity, usually in addition to the food preparation. These generally remain the same from week to week, although there may be changes for example to accommodate a festival or birthday celebration or to extend a craft activity.

KG Chutney   There is much purposeful work in the Kindergarten: food must be prepared; tables laid; rooms and their contents must be cleaned and mended; gardens tended; vegetables grown and harvested; festivals prepared for; and so on. This is work the adults will do – the children are free to watch, to imitate, to offer to help or to request to do the same activity for themselves (in regard to a creative activity for instance). “Can I help?” or “can I do one?” might be heard.

They are welcome, but not required, to help and they are expected to engage in the activity for only as long as they wish. Artistic activities such as painting and drawing also have a place in the weekly rhythm, particularly if we are preparing for a birthday or a festival, for example making Easter baskets.

KG Play

The children’s play is also their work, and is an important activity for them, and so should not be curtailed or interrupted. There is usually plenty of time for children to play and join other activities if they wish to do so.

The children’s different ages, stages of development, personalities and interests influence what they like to do in the Kindergarten – and this can be changeable as they move through the weeks, months and years. The Kindergarten teacher and assistants support the children in their engagement with activities and are aware of their abilities and developmental needs.

Ann Morgan, Kindergarten Teacher