We all enjoyed a wonderful craft fayre on Sunday at Alder Bridge with many stalls including knitting, spinning, marbling, origami, bread baking and thatching. It was lovely to see many of the community gathered in celebration of Midsummer. Grand total raised to follow!

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Lucia Baumann (class 2/3 teacher at Alder Bridge) and parent Gena Tolhurst, will be running the South Downs Trial Marathon on Saturday 20 June. They will be raising money for the school and you can support this good cause by donating here: 


Good luck ladies! 




Our very own woodland classroom is now taking shape at Alder Bridge School.

The project started with the dismantling and transportation of a timber classroom from Suffolk in August 2013. Building work commenced in the summer of 2014 by the school’s community.

Once completed the classroom will be used by the whole school and host other calendar festivals and events.

Here are a few photographs of the building work so far.


On the first school day after the Easter holidays we took a walk down to our woodland to see if the Easter Hare had left us anything – and just look what we found!

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What amazing timing! On Monday we celebrated Candlemas (see here for some history behind the festival), and we celebrated in school by making candles in the earth around our daffodil spiral.

20150202 104603 1024x576    Candlemas flame

February 2nd is also thought to announce the arrival of Spring or else a second Winter, according to whether the weather is fine or foul. Sun on Candlemas day indicates six more weeks of Winter, whereas an overcast day suggests that Spring is soon to appear.

If Candlemas Day be bright with sun

Then the Winter's but half begun,

But if Candlemas day be dull with rain

Then Winter's power is on the wane.

As the sun was shining on Monday our children declared further Winter to come, and the following morning, lo and behold! We awoke to snow! Now, we don't get snow in the Thames Valley every Winter, so when it does come we need to make the most of it - so we spent the whole morning building snowmen, throwing snowballs and then getting warm again with some hot juice.

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