The first day of the Summer term is an occasion of great excitement as it's time for the children to hunt for eggs in our woodland, hidden there by the Easter Hare!

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The Lower School children celebrated Chinese New Year today, with dragons, drums, fortune cookies and red packets filled with a chocolate coin. Class 3/4 performed the story of Nian, the monster that threatened the ancient village but was driven away through loud noises and red coloured flags and cloths. 

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The children warmed up the ground with their earth candles on Tuesday 2nd February - a bright and sunny Candlemas indicated more Winter weather to come but our daffodil spiral thinks that Spring has already arrived!


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Alder Bridge School is currently recruiting for a part-time Eurythmist to teach Kindergarten and Classes 1/2 and 3/4 in Lower School. Please see the attached job description and person specification for further details. You should download, complete and return the application form to recruitment[at] by no later than 5pm on Monday 22 February 2016.

Job Specification

Application Form

Assessor Sarah Hunt was in school last week to observe our Lower School teachers as part of our Performance Management programme. Sarah told us: 

"You have a well cared for school, I was particularly impressed with the care that goes into the classrooms.

It was clear that teachers have a nurturing and attentive attitude to the pupils and are totally dedicated to providing a quality Waldorf/Steiner education.

The children appeared vibrant, healthy and happy with appropriate manners and boundaries.

It was inspiring to see how thorough and comprehensive numeracy and literacy programmes are implemented and integrated with no compromise to the Waldorf curriculum.

There is a real sense of the aesthetic in the children's work and a healthy breathing quality. I was positively impressed with the handwork lessons, both in the children's participation and the variety of projects undertaken.

Both combined classes have dedicated class teachers, assistants and subject teachers who work with skill, enthusiasm and commitment to provide a rich Waldorf curriculum.

My experience of the support staff too was very positive, I was met with professionalism and efficient competency at all times.

A very heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your work so willingly and openly. I felt it was a learning experience on both sides."

Many thanks to Sarah. We are very proud of the wonderful work our teachers do, and it's great to have it recognised officially too.

Sarah Hunt is an Independent Assessor for Steiner-Waldorf Schools in the UK.

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