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Beyond Alder Bridge...

Alder Bridge School is the first step in the life-long journey of learning, and here children are given the nourishment needed for a confident stride.

But where do children continue their education after Alder Bridge?

Many children transfer to local secondary schools, while other families choose another form of independent education, often in receipt of scholarships. Feedback from our alumni and their new teachers has shown us that they possess the confidence, love of learning and skills that enable them to excel in a new environment, whilst retaining those special qualities that a Steiner-Waldorf education fosters.

We have also seen our students go into home education, or transfer to a Steiner-Waldorf upper school where they are able to board during the week and continue their Steiner-Waldorf education until they are 19. The nearest upper school to Alder Bridge is approximately 1.5 hours away.

"My son Andrew had a Steiner education from the age of five. He has been at his new non-Steiner school for less than a year. Already he has won a certificate for outstanding achievement in IT  and has just got 4 A stars and 2 As for GCSE core science papers (taken a year early.).

“His new science teacher told him that he was incredibly lucky to have done the science he did at Alder Bridge because it has given him such a solid understanding of how science works from its own intrinsic reality (ie having learnt in a concrete, grounded way initially, the teaching of the abstract now makes sense to him in a real and of-the-world way.) I am convinced that his experience at Alder Bridge, including the delay of academic study until he was almost 8, has instilled in him a massive curiosity and love of learning which will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life."

Dorothy, mother of alumni currently studying at Padworth College.

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