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Deeply embedded in our approach to Alder Bridge education is the understanding that children learn best in different ways at different stages of their childhood.

Education with animals
  • In the early years children are intimately connected with the world around them – touching, tasting, climbing, digging. They explore their surroundings in a very physical sense, by interacting with it and by imitating the actions of the people around them. Anyone who has observed a child playing will have noticed the events of the morning being played out in the afternoon! With this in mind, time in Kindergarten is used to provide maximum opportunity for imaginative play and physical activity in a home-like environment. This enables the children to learn about the world naturally in an age-appropriate way, to develop healthy social relationships and to grow the imaginative muscle that is the basis of all future learning.

  • Between the ages of 7 and 14, a child’s relationship with the world is enlivened by art and creativity. At Alder Bridge, a child spends these years in the Lower School, and our teachers engage head, heart and hands in every lesson. In everything we do we inspire a child’s imagination, involve them in a meaningful experience and motivate them to think through these experiences to deepen their understanding of the world. In addition we give children the time to enjoy their work, spending 3 - 4 weeks thoroughly exploring a subject such as Building, for example, in which we implicitly incorporate History, Geography, Maths, Science and English, as well as the practical experience of building a functional structure.

  • From the age of 14 the adolescent has a desire to engage in conceptual thinking, searching for the truth in all areas of life. The playful exploration of the Kindergarten years and the meaningful experiences of the Lower School provide the foundations for this freedom of thought that a teenager seeks. This enables them to explore the world intellectually, whichever path they then choose to continue their educational journey; such is the Steiner Early Childhood Education.