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Tuition Charges 2020 - 2021




Tuition Fees

3 - 4
(Eligible for Free Entitlement)
8:50 - 11:50
11:50 - 13:15
13:15 - 15:30
Mid morning snack
5 - 6
(Not eligible for Free Entitlement)
8:50 - 13:15
13:15 - 15:30
Mid morning snack

* For comparison purposes, the indicative costs per term, for mornings only or full days (variable depending on term length and days of week attended) are as follows

*Tuition fees per term





3 - 4 (with Free Entitlement) £347 / £737 £462 / £981 £578 / £1227
Age 3 - 4 & 5 - 6
(without Free Entitlement)
£1279 / £1670 £1707 / £2226 £2133 / £2783


Lower School

*Tuition fees per term



Tuition Fees

6 / 7 Class 1 £2190
7 / 8 Class 2 £2460
8 / 9 Class 3 £2710
9 / 10 Class 4 £2970
10 / 11 / 12 / 13 /14 Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 £3235

Family Reductions

Families with two or more children attending the School or Kindergartens will have the following discounts applied to their total fee bill.

2 children 8%
3 children 18%
4 children 25%
5 children 30%

Please note:

  • To be eligible for Free Entitlement, children must be aged 3 or 4 on the qualifying date for each term. The qualifying dates are 31/12/20 and 31/3/2021 for the Spring and Summer terms respectively.
  • School provision is 5 full days (08.50 to 15.30) for all classes, with a combination of optional and mandatory afternoons for Lower School classes at no extra cost.
  • All tuition fees are payable in advance, either by a single termly payment on or before the first day of each term, or the full year’s fees may be paid by standing order as 10 monthly payments starting in September. A 10% surcharge will be levied for late payment. Standing order forms are available from the School office.
  • The scale of fees shown above includes the charge for materials.
  • Tuition fees are not refunded in the event of absence through illness, vacation, etc.
  • If a child joins the School part way through a term fees will be charged pro rata, at the rate of one twelfth the full term's fees for each week attended. Children joining the Kindergarten part way through a term will be charged for all sessions from the date of joining.

Notice Period

At least one full term’s notice (in writing to the School office) is required that a pupil is to be withdrawn from the School or Kindergarten, or the number of kindergarten days attended are to be reduced. Where inadequate notice is given, a full term’s tuition fees will be payable in lieu. Notice must be received on or before the first day of the term at the end of which the child will be leaving.

Registration Fee and Deposit

Registration fee payable on receipt of formal application for admission to join the Kindergarten or School (non-refundable) £50 per child

Acceptance Deposit, payable when first child joins the Kindergarten or School. This will be credited against the final term’s fees when the last child leaves.£100 per family

Other Charges (subject to availability)

Charges for class trips, text books, equipment, school photographs etc. will be advised beforehand, and will be included on the invoice for the following term.

Financial Assistance

Full details of the School's policy on concession are contained in the "Financial Policy" document obtainable from the School office.

Development Fund

Tuition fees are set at a level to cover the School's day-to-day expenditure. This does not cover expenditure for major repair work or new school facilities.

The School is planning for further growth and development. We therefore ask parents to consider making additional contributions to our Development Fund. As a registered charity, such gifts can be made to the School in a number of different ways that enable tax to be reclaimed. This increases the value of your gift at no extra cost to you.

Details of how to make gifts to the School can be obtained from the Bursar.

Legal Notice

By your child(ren) attending Alder Bridge School you are deemed to have accepted these fees and the associated terms and conditions.